Managing daily office tasks at a dental office is really stressful, especially when you’ve to handle several patients in queue. Dentists have to concentrate on patients rather than doing the office management tasks. Even though dental clinics do not have to handle emergency patients, they have to handle patients with different tooth problems. Handling patients and office tasks together is impossible for a successful dentist. Hence, it is better to implement an automated receptionist at your clinic to handle scheduling and reminding of appointments, maintaining of patient records, scheduling follow-ups, etc.
Use this service as a permanent staff
Automated receptionist will act as a full-time receptionist or back-up receptionist based on your requirements. In order to improve the level of efficiency at your dental clinic, you can use this service. It will handle any number of appointment scheduling and send customized reminders to the patients perfectly at the same time. Since hiring a live receptionist is a time-consuming process, make use of the benefits offered by an automated receptionist. Maintaining a full-time staff at your dental clinic is really a costly affair as she will take calls and send reminders only during office hours. Above all, she may require paid leaves, vacations, insurance, training, etc. All these are not required for an automated receptionist.
Proper communication
Dental clinics can provide best customer service only through proper communication. Proper communication between the dental clinic and patients is required to avoid confusions in terms of appointment scheduling. Most patients are working people who have busy job schedules and meetings that may not synchronize with the office hours of the clinic. This puts the patients in difficulty as they do not have time to make calls to the clinic during daytime. Having an automated receptionist at your dental clinic allows the patients to call day or night, which includes holidays and weekends. Moreover, ANGELA can communicate in different languages that makes the patients more comfortable as they can converse in a language they know. Patients can also schedule appointments through text messaging.
Even if your dental clinic is using OpenDental software for managing different office tasks, you can add ANGELA for additional benefits.