Dental offices employ different strategies to manage the office tasks efficiently. Automated receptionist helps dental offices to handle appointment scheduling without much difficulty. This service helps to reduce no-shows at your dental office and attend emergency calls promptly. Dental office staff have to concentrate on patient care than office tasks. Dental staff cannot stay back in the office for 24 hours to complete office management tasks. Every patient expects a great customer care and prompt response from the dental offices. Good customer service brings more business to the dental clinics. Hence, by using an automated receptionist like ANGELA, the dental clinics can improve their business by attracting new customers.

ANGELA responds to the patients’ calls 24/7 immediately without any delay. ANGELA can handle several calls at a time without any break. At any time, patients can call the dental office to fix an appointment with the dentist. This automated receptionist sends text reminders or emails to the patients to remind the details of the appointment. The service can be accessed by dentists, dental staff and patients through online using mobile devices. It can not only handle appointment related tasks, but also other office tasks. This facility enables the dental office to store data of the patients in their database, which helps the dental offices to send appointment reminders on time to the patients.

Dental offices can keep the information of the patients safely in their database. It updates the records systematically to avoid any confusion. This helps to avoid any errors while scheduling appointments and sending reminders. Usually, a dental staff tends to create errors in office tasks, but ANGELA will not. ANGELA follows HIPAA regulations to ensure confidentiality of the dental records of the patients.

As ANGELA is available for 24/7, your patients will be able to schedule, cancel or reschedule their appointments round-the-clock. ANGELA is a multi-lingual service that speaks different languages including English. The ability to speak multiple languages enables the patients’ to speak in their own language. The service helps the dental office to customize appointment reminders, patient reports and bills without wasting much time. Combining OpenDental software with ANGELA help the dental office to enjoy extra benefits.