Successful dental offices or dentists are facing great deal of problems with appointment scheduling and reminding tasks on a regular basis. Your dental office may have assigned these tasks to a human receptionist, but not all administrative tasks can be completed by a human receptionist. To complete the administrative tasks on time, you may have to hire more than one staff. Hiring more than one staff is not a good solution as you have to spend more money on their salary and other perks. Hence, implementing an automated receptionist service like ANGELA is a good option to lessen the burden of administrative tasks at your dental office.

ANGELA will work 24/7 to take up appointment scheduling calls and sending reminder messages to the patients. Patient satisfaction can be ensured by using this service at your dental office because not even one call of the patients will be missed by this service. Dental staff at your dental clinic will get enough time to fulfill the requirements of the patients. Your staff will not get exhausted by doing work as most of the office tasks can be done by automated receptionist service.

Automated receptionist service like ANGELA will send appointment reminders through text messages, emails and phone calls. Text messaging is the most appropriate method used nowadays as most people own a mobile phone. The service usually sends personalized reminders to the patients, which increase the customer satisfaction. Customized messages are send by using the patient data stored in the dental office database. With the help of this service, your dental office can fix the contact time, time to send messages, contact person, and method to be used to contact the person. Patients can select the preferred method to contact and based on this information, the automated receptionist service will be sending reminders as text messages, emails or phone calls.

When the patient calls to take an appointment, the service will ask questions such as patient’s name, contact number, preferred method for contact, etc. These details will be stored in the database and used when required. ANGELA can be easily incorporated with OpenDental software to enjoy the benefits of both.