Medical clinics have to provide effective and complete care to the patients, so that to build a strong relationship with your clients. Most of the doctors would like to develop a strong relationship with their patients and their family. Doctors are committed professionals who want their patients and family to stay healthy. Most popular doctors have to treat several patients in a day, which makes them to work hard to provide proper treatment and care to the patients. If the doctor has to handle all the tasks in a medical office, then they will feel tired and cannot provide enough care to their patients. Hence, a medical office should require a virtual medical receptionist to complete the administrative tasks effectively.

The virtual medical receptionist is always available for taking calls, scheduling appointments, and sending reminders for 24 hours. It will not get tired and take a break between the work schedules like a human receptionist. Since it can work throughout the day continuously, your medical office does not have to worry about patient no-shows and customer satisfaction. As the virtual medical receptionist always take calls promptly and answer to the calls in a humane tone, customers will appreciate the promptness of your medical office in responding to the calls.

Most medical offices are suffering from patient no-shows because most patients will forget the exact date and time of their appointment. If there is a virtual medical receptionist, it promptly reminds the patients about their appointment schedule through text messages, emails or phone calls. The method of sending reminders to the patients can be selected by the patients based on their convenience. Since every message has a reply option, the patients can confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment immediately. This helps the medical office to know the availability of the patient on the date of the appointment.

If the patient is not available on the date of the appointment, then the virtual medical receptionist will reschedule or cancel the appointment and transfer the same appointment slot to another patient. This helps the medical office to reduce patient no-shows and thereby increase the revenue.

If your medical office has implemented ADP AdvancedMD software, then you can integrate ANGELA, a virtual medical receptionist with it to complete various administrative tasks without making errors.