Do you find it difficult to meet the requirements of your patients? Are you feeling exhausted after working for a day in your dental office? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to use the service of a virtual receptionist service. You can make your life comfortable and increase the profits of the practice with this software. Excellent customer care service can be provided using ANGELA, an automated receptionist. Your dental practice will be benefited by this service in different ways such as:

• Save money by reducing the number of staff members at your office. ANGELA can perform the jobs of your front-desk receptionist including appointment scheduling and reminding. Your skilled staff do not have to waste their time to complete time-consuming tasks like appointment scheduling. The dental staff can concentrate on patient care and helping the dentists to improve the productivity of the dental office.

• The virtual receptionist will answer the phone calls 24/7. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the after-hour calls or concerned about the leaves taken by the staff receptionist. The virtual receptionist can work as full-time as well as part-time receptionist at your dental office.

• Since the service will be available round-the-clock, the patients can schedule, re-schedule and cancel the appointment based on their convenience. The patients can schedule the appointments by calling the dental office at any time, disregarding the time of the day.

• ANGELA can talk in different languages other than English, which allow the callers to schedule appointments by conversing in their own language.

Incorporating ANGELA with Practice Management Software

If your dental office is using a practice management software, then ANGELA can provide added benefits to it. By using this virtual receptionist at your office, you can speed up the form filling process while registering the patient for the first time. This electronic forms with patient information will be stored confidentially, and can be seen only by the dental staff, dentists and patient. Prescriptions of the dentist can be forwarded to the pharmacy using the software and the renewal of prescriptions can be approved easily. Bills and patient reports can be customized and generated easily without much difficulty. Hence, it is recommended to integrate ANGELA with the OpenDental software at your office.