If you’re running a medical office, then you may have facing several difficulties to provide quality services. Every patient approaching you for treatment is expecting a high quality healthcare service. Providing high quality medical service is not an easy task as it involves several processes. The most important things that have to be taken care to provide a high quality healthcare service are patient care and proper handling of office management tasks.

Handling office tasks and patients become easy

When you implement an automated medical receptionist at your office, you don’t have to worry about the handling of office management tasks. Another thing you’ll achieve by using a virtual receptionist is that your medical staff will get time to meet the requirements of the patients. This enables your medical office to enjoy great reputation among the customers. ANGELA is a virtual receptionist that can perform management tasks at your office efficiently, which helps your staff to concentrate more on patient care.

Privacy is assured

When you decides to implement an automated receptionist like ANGELA, you’re making all the patient records secure and confidential. If the patients would like to access their confidential information about the treatment, then they have to login using the login id and password. This makes the patients to ensure that their personal information are stored in a secure place. The treatment information can only be accessed by patients, medical staff and doctors.

Helpful for emergency cases

Since ANGELA works for 24/7, your medical office treat emergency cases without wasting much time. When an emergency call came into your medical office, ANGELA knows how to transfer the call to the right phone number to provide appropriate treatment to the emergency patient. As an automated medical receptionist can handle multiple calls simultaneously, emergency calls also get immediate attention and will be forwarded to the appropriate medical department immediately without fail. The doctor who is in charge of the emergency cases will attend the patient to provide suitable treatment.

The medical staff at your office will be relaxed and happy, once you implement an automated medical receptionist at your medical office. Incorporating ANGELA with ADP AdvancedMD software enables your medical office to increase efficiency, reliability and revenue.