Effective communication between the medical office and patients is assured by a virtual receptionist service. Virtual receptionist service like ANGELA is a 24/7 service that allows the patients to call your medical office even during after-hours. ANGELA also sends reminders to the patients who have taken appointments for the consultation. This helps the patients to know about their upcoming appointment with the doctor. Reminding patients about their appointments helps the medical office to eliminate patient no-shows. If you would like to run a professional medical service, then it is better to implement a virtual receptionist at your medical office.

To become successful in your business, it is necessary to have a good relationship with your customers. Prompt response to the calls and sending reminder messages are important to build a trusted relationship between patients and medical offices. ANGELA can help your medical office to keep a great relation with the patients as it responds to the calls promptly and send personalized appointment reminder messages to the patients without any delay. The virtual receptionist will greet the callers like a human receptionist while receiving calls. This kind of service uses the information saved in the office database to send appointment reminders to the patients.

ANGELA can handle several calls simultaneously, yet maintains the quality of communication throughout the call. This service follows all the medical office protocols without doing mistakes that a human receptionist may do. As the human receptionist work only for a limited time in a day, it is difficult for them to handle all the management tasks in a medical office. This automated medical receptionist allows the patients to set a time based on their preference in order to receive reminder messages on their mobile phones. Patients also can set their timings for the appointment based on the convenience.

ANGELA also diverts emergency calls to the phone number specified in the database or doctor. The virtual receptionist service also know how to handle the calls on a priority basis. It also records all the information of the patients to maintain clinical records.

By incorporating ANGELA with the ADP Advanced MD software at your medical office, you can provide a wonderful customer service.