To become a successful medical office, you have to provide emergency services promptly. In order to make it possible, the medical staff should be alert always. If the medical staff in your office is busy with management tasks such as appointment scheduling, then they don’t get enough time for patient care. Patient care is most important for a medical service, but to become successful in this world of competition, your medical office should also provide the best customer care service in order to satisfy the customers. Implementing a virtual receptionist service at your medical clinic will allow to provide great customer care service.

You can use virtual receptionist service as a backup service and full-time service. It is a useful and cost-effective service that can be incorporated with other medical management software like ADP AdvancedMD software. The virtual receptionist will take appointment calls and allot various appointment slots to the patients. Each patient will receive a customized reminder message from the medical office detailing about appointment date and time, which is send by the automated receptionist. This helps to reduce patient no-shows at your medical clinic. This service handles various office management tasks with great care, so that there will be no room for complaints from the side of the patients.

Normally, a live receptionist may make mistakes while sending reminders or miss some calls while they are taking a break in between the working hours. The customers will get angry when the receptionist is not taking the calls promptly that may negatively affect the reputation of your medical office. Since medical care is an emergency requirement, patients always expect prompt reply from the customer relations. If the live receptionist does not respond to the calls, then they will search for another medical care that handle the patients with quick response.

The remote receptionist service helps the patient in case of emergency to contact the right doctor, so that to get help at the right time. ANGELA, an automated receptionist keeps the confidentiality of the medical records as it is a HIPAA compliant service. The medical record can be accessed by respective patient and doctor. The doctor can modify the medical records at any time when there is a change in the patient information.

If your medical office is using ADP AdvancedMD software, incorporating ANGELA will help you to enjoy additional advantages.